...A Few of My Favorite Things

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I really wanted the chips and salsa tonight. No, I mean I REALLY wanted the chips and salsa. But I kept saying to myself, "You can have some in 390 days. You can have some in 390 days..." And I didn't indulge. We'll see how long I can keep up this momentum.


There are two things I feel I should disclose from the beginning of this blog. This is my effort at being transparent:

1. I am a magazine junkie. Which, I suppose, explains why I am an editor for a parent company that owns 23 subscription titles and more than 150 newsstand titles--with a combined circulation of nearly 30 million. (Impressed? I am.)

2. I am an Oprah junkie. Which, you should know, means there will be great pomp and circumstance when a new Oprah magazine hits the stands.

So oh well about the chips and salsa. I hold in my hand the October issue of Oprah. Ahhhh.

Here's to the next 390,
(happy) Fat Girl