You Raise Me Up

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This afternoon I did something so difficult that I can only compare it to:

solving world peace
climbing Mount Everest
explaining Richard Simmons' candy-striped Dolfin shorts

I went to the gym. Now, before you look down your nose at me and wonder how I could compare something "so trivial" as gym attendence to the aforementioned Dolfin shorts, please understand that I hate going to the gym alone. I am nearly fearful of going alone. I'm convinced I will either get jumped in the parking lot or laughed at on the treadmill. (And I'm not always sure which would be worse.)

Neither happened.

I did it. 30 minutes of working out broke a good sweat and I am home to forever relive the experience in my heart. I really need to make a habit of this.

Did you know Richard Simmons considered becoming a priest?

Here's to the next 386,
(healthy) Fat Girl