Georgia on My Mind

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Okay. So today is the first installment of Thought Thursday, and I have something on my mind:

Yesterday I was thinking about the way we learn. Learning to walk, for instance, generally comes with an arm to hold on to. Learning to ride a bike occurs after the critical training-wheels period. Growing strong happens with the gradual addition of weight during strength training--not the overnight increase of dumbells or sand.

But losing weight is just supposed to happen. It's a hit or miss. It's an all or nothing.

Sure, there are books and recipes and support groups--I am aware of all that--but the actual losing weight is all or nothing. i.e. A day is considered a failure after one wrong choice or pound gained. (Scratch that. Failure is a pound maintained.)

Here is the method I am proposing:

I will learn to lose weight by gradually adding restrictions and raising the bar on my goals.

Goal 1: to make good decisions for one full day.
Goal 2: to make good decisions for two full days.
Goal 3: to make good decisions for three full days.
And so on.

When I hit the bump in the road, it's back to one full day. With celebrations to follow each new goal achieved. It's my version of strength training.

Why not?

Here's to the next 388,
(honest) Fat Girl