Meet Kelly Minner

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On season 1 of The Biggest Loser, Kelly Minner, 28, was the perfectionistic, optimistic, internally-driven competitor who earned the title, "first runner-up" and lost 79 pounds. Eventually, she lost an additional 23 pounds.

More than any of that, Kelly Minner has become an inspiration and a friend to many people who have found themselves looking for a role model. Because she is as gracious as she is hard-working, she agreed to do an interview for The 391.

Please enjoy!

1. We all have the motivation to START losing weight--such as the ugly number on the scale or how our weight makes us feel. How did you maintain the motivation to CONTINUE losing 79 pounds on Biggest Loser and then continuing on to 102 pounds?

I continued to lose weight because I knew I needed to. I had all the tools so I had no excuses. It would be like me giving my students all the information they needed for a test and them failing because they didn't learn anything.

2. You've talked in interviews past about the "psychological hump" that you had to get over in order to lose the weight. Can you elaborate?

I think a lot of times we equate our physical looks with being deserving or less deserving of things. I guess I thought I was not deserving of things because I was overweight. I still struggle with believing I am deserving of love no matter what my size. Beauty does not make us deserving, being a good person does and it doesn't matter what you weigh when it comes to being a good person.

3. You have said that one of the hardest adjustments post Biggest Loser was time management. Time management can be an issue for people who need to go to the gym but can't "find the time." What is your advice?

My advice is either do it exercise early in the morning before your days starts and life gets in the way or else find little ways during the day to get in some exercise, whether walking from a further parking space, taking the stair, doing squats. You can always make it work.

4. What kinds of things encouraged you on your weight loss journey? Were there things people said or mantras that you repeated to yourself?

Jillian gave me the mantra, "let it go and believe." I still say it. Somedays I fail at believing it but I always know that tomorrow is fresh with no mistakes in it! I can begin anew.

5. As you so poignantly wrote in an article last year, "Weight loss is such a private thing for any person." And it is. Yet, sometimes it feels public because of cultural expectations or societal pressures to look unrealistically thin. How did you overcome that?--specifically you held your head high and stood on a scale in front of millions of people! Some of us would rather die. How did you do it?

I hated the scale because I let my weight define me. I knew if faced it head on it would be key to losing weight. I will no longer be a number on the scale. It isn't about being thin it is about being healthy. I am healthier than most thin people even though they weigh less because I eat well and exercise. So the scale reflects a higher number, who cares!

6. Any tricks in the kitchen when it comes to issues like portion control, drinking water, feeling full, or fulfilling cravings?

When I am home I avoid the kitchen so I am not temped to just eat to eat. I also do not keep things in the house to tempt me. I hate the grocery store so I am loathe to run out just for a quick fix! I try and stay busy when I am home so I do not think about food.

7. You've talked about "not living by a number [on the scale]." What does that look like for you? Do you ever weigh in? Did you throw your scale out the window?

I have a scale but it is covered in dust. I no longer weigh in, this is real life not the show and I am more than a number. I will not live or die by that anymore.

8. I think there is the unfortunate assumption that former contestants on Biggeser Loser have "arrived"--have totally figured it out--and will never battle negative thoughts or temptations again. After all, they've spent time with Jillian, and WHO messes up after THAT?! What do you encourage yourself with NOW?

I want to live a long healthy life, there is so much I want to do. That is my encouragement.

9. You look amazing. You turn heads. You motivate people everywhere to give weight loss another shot. Do you feel the way you thought you would feel now that the weight is gone?

I felt being thin would mean being happy. Boy was I wrong! Get those thoughts out of your head. Life doesn't care what size dress you wear, everyone has problems. You are happy if you want to be, regardless of size!

10. Anything behind the scenes from Biggest Loser you’d like to share?

Some secrets are better left that way!

Here's to the next 367,
(honest) Fat Girl

I Can See Clearly Now That the Rain Is Gone

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I am back. I am back with a vengeance.

These last few days have been really difficult for me. First, the crazy diagnosis from left field, then the news that our adoption wait would take longer than expected. I've been living in a fog. I have no idea how much I weigh. I will find out tomorrow.

In the meantime, I am back.

No more lollygagging, no more pity partying, no more regrets.

YOU--you who drops by my blog and leaves kind comments--are responsible for my decision to keep making progress. So THANK YOU.

I am choosing today to place mind over matter.

Here's to the next 368,
(honest) Fat Girl

Vanishing Act

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I've not been quite as active on my blog as of late. The rollercoaster that is my life has been in full swing.

On Friday, my husband and I were given the best news of our lives--that we were going to be parents. (We're in the process of adopting, see.) And then by Sunday afternoon we found out the wait was going to be twice as long as we anticipated.

Up and down.

Up and down.

I am still learning how to respond to life's difficult moments without running to the kitchen. Today, I am avoiding the scale. We'll thinking about weighing again on Monday.

Here's to the next 369,
(honest) Fat Girl

Post Secret

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Today is Thought Thursday and I would like to talk about something I haven't mentioned before on this blog. For some (odd, strange, unexplainable) reason, it's been too difficult for me to discuss. Until now.

During my last doctor's appointment, I found out that I have PCOS.

Let me start by saying that I know there are worse things. And I know PCOS isn't the end of the world--and won't be once I get some critical things under control--but it was still difficult to hear.

See, I've lived most of my teen and young adult life "knowing" that there was something wrong.

I've never eaten much.
I've generally enjoyed exercise.
I drink lots of water.
I rarely binge eat.

And still, I've been the chunky one. I've tried fad diets. I've tried not eating at all. I've tried not caring. And now I find out--after years of feeling horrible about it--that I have PCOS.

75 percent of women with PCOS are overweight or obese.

There is hope.

Here's to the next 374,
(honest) Fat Girl


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Last night I went to a professional baseball game to watch my favorite team play. And I went with my dad. I can't tell you how nice it was to be out with him--we don't do things, just the two of us, very often. He was really generous, and he kept offering to buy me hot chocolate or chips or hotdogs. But for the first time in my life, I was truly enjoying an event without the aid of salty, high-caloric, or super-sweet food.

I just enjoyed the event because I was with HIM. I kept focusing my energy on the game and who I was with...and...*gasp*...I didn't need anything else!

This morning when I stood on the scale, I saw that I am down 6.3 pounds since my journey began a little over two weeks ago. And I realized something:

I haven't spent my life focusing on the EVENTS. I have spent them obsessing about meals and calories and weigh-ins. And I am DONE with that.

Adios, event-hogging food.

So I kept the cup that I drank my water in last night--you know, the plastic cup that costs you 4 dollars and piles up in your cabinet right next to all of the other theme-park-related cups. I kept it so I can continue drinking water out of it in remembrance of what I have learned.

Here's to the next 375,
(healthy) Fat Girl

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

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Dori, from Dori's Shiny Blog, is giving away some fantastic(ally hard) workout DVD's here. But keep it on the down low because I am planning to win.

Here's to the next 376,
(happy) Fat Girl

The Week 2 Curse

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I (finally!) watched Episode 2 of this season's Biggest Loser. Good times. I really don't understand why people rip on the show.

As always, I made a list of key take-aways--things that were said that I could identify with or be challeged by:

1. It will be done!
2. Right now, focus on burn.
3. Smile. Be happy. The stress is killing you.
4. [One contestant's hospitalization] brings to light how serious being overweight is.
5. Keep a food journal--it can double your weight loss.
6. 3 meals. 2 snacks. (Healthy snacks level out your blood sugar.)
7. What are you going to do with your last chance?
8. A lot of these pounds are wounds.
9. This is your life. What are you going to do with it?
10. Alright. This is destiny. It's meant to happen.

Here's to the next 376,
(healthy) Fat Girl

Being Brave

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Today, in honor of "To-do List Tuesday," I am adding an item to accomplish when I lose 100 pounds.

Item number two: Get my picture taken professionally (and like it!)

I have a family picture that hangs in my living room at home. The photographer did a great job, (last week he did a photoshoot with Drew Barrymore, if that tells you anything), yet I hate how I look. The family picture taken before that I was twelve years old with buck teeth that would have impressed Bambi.

So. When I lose 100 pounds, I will get my picture taken. And everyone in the Continental United States will receive a copy. (Beware.)

Here's to the next 376,
(hopeful) Fat Girl

Whole Living

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It's Magazine Monday, and I am excited to bring you my take-aways from my June edition of Body + Soul. (Yes, I am behind on my magazine reading. So be it.)

Here's what I learned:

1. If you're trying to lose weight, pay attention to what you drink. A recent study found that cutting out sugary beverages speeds weight loss, (page 28).

2. Even if you're the healthiest of eaters, a summer getaway can set off a dietary bender that leaves you feeling greasy, lethargic, and a few pounds heavier by vacation's end. The reason? "Many of us eat by routine, and one of the biggest challenges of traveling is the change in that routine," notes Connie Diekman, R.D., director of university nutrition at Washington University in St. Louis. Planning is the name of the game when you're trying to eat right on the road," (page 42).

3. Pace yourself. As life speeds up, it's tempting to run faster, accomplish more. This does little, however, but strip your gears and deplete your resources. This month, try the opposite: Slow down. Breathe. Remember the pleasure of doing--and enjoying--one thing at a time. After all, you don't reach worthwhile goals in a flurry of movement, but through single-minded focus and a quiet, patient resolve, (page 71).

4. The right music can make you look forward to exercising, and it might even help you build stamina. Try up-tempo tunes for best results, (page 75).

5. Missteps and false starts are part of any process. The key to staying on track lies in viewing each one as a minor glitch instead of a system failure, (page 96).

Here's to the next 377,
(healthy) Fat Girl

(Ain't That) Good News!

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Consider the first paragraph from my tear-off calendar this morning:

"A tendency that's run through your family for generations can stop with you. You're a transition person--a link between the past and the future. And your own change can affect many, many lives downstream."

Here's to the next 377,
(hopeful) Fat Girl

In the Eye of the Beholder

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Happy Monday!

I wanted to start this week off with an ad I saw in a magazine over the weekend. (It is, after all, Magazine Monday. Can I get a W00t?!)

Anyway. It made me smile. Hope it makes you smile, too.

Here's to the next 377,
(happy) Fat Girl

My Confession

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"I need to tell you something."

Thus the conversation began in my house last night during a 15-second commercial break. My husband and I were lying on our bed watching a show on-line. (It was Castle in case you're curious.) Whenever I start with, "I need to tell you something," I know I have my husband's undivided attention. I've been known to admit to some pretty radical deeds. (And no, I won't confess those here, in case you're still curious.)

"What is it?" asks the husband.

"I've been losing weight behind your back."

Yes, I said those exact words. No, my husband didn't feel I had anything to confess. Yes, he was very supportive.

See, today is the 13th day on my journey to weight loss and, until last night, I hadn't told anyone outside of my blogging friends. It just seemed too painful to tell my family AGAIN that I was trying to lose weight AGAIN.

But it occurred to me. I need to have faith that it is going to work this time. That I am going to be successful this time. And, by not fully signing on to the challenge, (ie keeping it a secret), I wasn't fully committing to it working out.

So I told him.

I feel better.

Here's to the next 378,
(honest) Fat Girl

Paradise Regained

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How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My glass can fill, when drinking through the night.
For the way you do not take up space.
I love thee to the level of every day's
Most thirsty need, by lunch and candlelight.
I drink thee freely, as men strive with thirst.
I love thee purely, as they turn from Coke.
I love with a passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my thin self's faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my diet drinks. I love thee with the straw,
Lips, tears, of all my life!
And, if I choose,
I shall but love you better after lunch...

Here's to the next 379,
(healthy) Fat Girl

Freaky Friday

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So. I've been avoiding my blog today like most people are avoiding the H1N1 Flu Virus. Why? I crashed last night. I totally crashed and burned. It was like someone else's spirit took over my body and began making choices without my consent. Like a really, really bad version of Freaky Friday.

And the worst part? I had a doctor's appointment today. You know--that horrible place where they make you stand on the squeaky scale and you watch in horror--with someone else watching over your shoulder--as the number climbs?

So all day I've been feeling guilty. I know that I packed on a pound since yesterday. And I've been working so hard...blah blah blah.

I go to the doctor's office, stand on the scale, and would you BELIEVE that I didn't even watch the number. I decided--what's the point? It's going to hurt even more...

...My doctor came in and congratulated me on losing 13 pounds since last time I was in her office one month ago. The problem? THERE'S NO WAY I LOST 13 POUNDS! I am a daily weigher. All gloves off, I admit it. I WEIGH EVERY DAY!

So I think the scale must have gone on the fritz. But I'll never know because my eyes were closed. And I wasn't about to ask her to rewind the scale scene.

So. Looks like I have 13 pounds to lose before going back to the doctor's office.

Here's to the next 380,
(honest) Fat Girl

Santa Clause is Coming to Town

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Check out Tricia's ginormous giveaway!

(But don't win, because that's my plan!!!)

Here's to the next 381,
(Happy) Fat Girl

Try a Little Tenderness

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[Taps the microphone] Am I on? Testing...1, 2, 3...

Today is Thought Thursday and I have a lot on my mind:

I listen to the news every morning on my way to work. I roll down the windows, let the wind whip my hair, and I listen to a pair of professionals rattle off a list of recent events, comment on the weather, and outline the areas around town where the traffic is bad. Rarely do either of these people say anything shocking or unprofessional.

Until today.

Today they were discussing Tonya Harding and whether or not she would make a good participant on a reality show about hockey. Out of nowhere, both of the news anchors began laughing at her weight. They called her "Porky," and said they recognized fat when they saw it.

Now, I know about the whole Nancy Kerrigan drama. I stood in a shopping mall as a thirteen-year-old with baited breath and watched as she cried about her broken laces. Believe it or not, I actually wanted her to win. (Underdog syndrome, perhaps?) Anyway, I know that Tonya hasn't always been...shall we say...wise. But why mock her weight? What does her weight have to do with anything?

Bottom Line: Why is it excusable for professionals to mock heavy people? Sexism is wrong. Racism is wrong. BUT LAUGHING AT FAT PEOPLE IS A-OKAY.

In a country where people claim to want fat people to "get healthy," don't you think they'd realize that encouragement and support go a lot further than mockery and unkindness? PERHAPS they are perpetuating the problem.

More to come. This post is long enough already.

Here's to the next 381,
(honest) Fat Girl

Funny Business

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Today I made good choices, even though it wasn't the greatest of days. I just kept telling myself, "A bad day doesn't need to be compounded by bad choices." Also, I kept thinking, "Just because the people around me want to ruin my day doesn't mean I need to help them out by eating incorrectly."

It worked.

The picture above made me laugh. It's from one of my very favorite blogger's blogs. (Is that redundant?) Anyway. Hope you enjoy it, too.

Here's to the next 382,
(healthy) Fat Girl


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Today is Weight Wednesday, (or Weigh-in Wednesday, or Wreak Havoc Wednesday) as the case may be. And so on this hallowed day, I will allow myself to vent about weight issues--so as not to fill every post every other day with my negative feelings about the number on my scale.

And trust me, I have very negative feelings about those three, two-inch numbers.

I've never posted my weight on this blog. It's not that I'm hiding anything. I've said I have 100 pounds to lose, which means I have an entire Nicole Richie to find and defeat. There's not much to hide after admitting THAT.

I suppose it's because I don't want to keep thinking about that awful number. I like coming to my blog, and I won't be happy coming to my blog if I see THAT number. I see it enough as it is. This blog is to promote the loss of each pound, not the maintenance.

Ah. It's just me. I'm probably making no sense.

I've lost 3.3 pounds so far. Not bad. Not amazing. But I'm okay with it. If I maintained this pace, I would lose 140 pounds when my journey ended--which I'm not trying to do. So I will take it as exactly where I should be right now.

I'm happy. See? -----> :)

Here's to the next 382,
(honest) Fat Girl

P.S. If you're still curious about my weight, and you happen to watch Biggest Loser, think Abby.

A Hard Road

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85 minutes and 43 seconds.

I finally had a chance to sit down and watch Episode 1 of this season's Biggest Loser. And I have to say, I enjoyed it. It was motivational. Despite the yelling and "show drama," I like Jillian. She makes me want to crawl to the gym on my knees, (which, by the way, would take me 85 minutes and 43 seconds--and the gym is next door).

I, for one, would rather be yelled at/motivated to change than be sitting on the couch, headed in the wrong direction.

As always, I made a list. I love lists. This one is of key take-aways--things that were said that I could identify with or be challeged by:

1. It's all about second chances.
2. Don't ever say you can't do anything.
3. Now is the start of the new me.
4. I feel like someone has stolen my dream.
5. How can you take these tragedies and turn them into opportunities?
6. All you have to do is change your mind.
7. It's a choice. Make a different choice.
8. This is a mountain I've got to climb.
9. I am changing [my] health from the inside out.
10. You really can go beyond that point of pain.

Here's to the next 383,
(healthy) Fat Girl

Making a List, Checking It Twice

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Today I started a list in honor of "To-do List Tuesday." This list will contain all of my plans for after I lose these 100 pounds.

Item number one: Buy the clothes I like and not the ones that fit

This morning I stood at my closet, packed with clothes, and had to maneuver around the items I knew were too tight, too short, or too...blah. I hate that. I hate that the clothes in my closet don't even fit--let alone the clothes I'd like to wear.

So my first installment on the to-do list will be to buy and wear the clothes I like instead of the clothes I need.

Here's to the next 383,
(hopeful) Fat Girl

Dear John Letter

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Dear Diet Soda,

I love you. You know I do. We've spent a lot of wonderful times together--late at night, early in the morning, when times were good, when times were bad--but unfortunately, our time together has come to an end.

When I was with you, I made lots of bad choices. Your friends--your sweet, sweet friends--often joined our parties uninvited. You know who they were.

In truth, I've used you as a crutch. I've needed water all these years, and I'm sorry to say, I used you as an unfortunate substitute. Please forgive me. You did not ask for that kind of treatment.

I know you'll be happy with someone else.

Here's to the next 384,
(honest) Fat Girl

Feeling Good

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I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm glad it's Monday. Something about routine keeps me on the straight and narrow.

The next best thing? It's Magazine Monday. I've had a Prevention sitting on my desk since May--wrapped in one of those cute little plastic wrappers--and I finally decided today was the day I was tearing into it.

Here's what I learned:

1. Just six 30-second sprints 3 times per week--the equivalent of a few quick games of playground tag--can provide cardiovascular benefits that may be equivalent to jogging or cycling for 45 minutes several times weekly, according to Welsh researchers, (page 32).

2. 4 More Reasons to Lose Weight: fewer headaches, improved oral health, longer and deeper sleep, and brighter outlook, (page 52).

3. Stop Speed Eating: People who eat rapidly until they are full are 3 times more likely to be overweight than slow eaters, (page 54).

4. The Temptation Tipping Point: For some people, a small taste satisfies a craving, but researchers say that for others, it subconsciously clears the way to full-blown indulgence. If you're likely to have extra helpings of something sweet, steer clear of free samples at the supermarket and head directly for the produce aisle, (page 96).

Here's to the next 384,
(healthy) Fat Girl

Sunday Afternoon in the Park

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Today was the first day I've been away from this blog ALL DAY! is after ten and I am here.

Today I taught a class, did a 2 1/2 hour photo shoot of a lovely senior, went to church, and had supper with my family.

I'm tired. And I'm ready to start week 2 of this journey to good health. I had pizza tonight--really hoping it doesn't mess with my weigh-in. My choices were pizza or my shoes. As much as I am aware that pizza probably wasn't the best decision, I watched a show recently that highlighted how dangerous the mold on shoes can be--so I was in a lose/lose situation.

Here's to the next 385,
(hopeful) Fat Girl

You Raise Me Up

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This afternoon I did something so difficult that I can only compare it to:

solving world peace
climbing Mount Everest
explaining Richard Simmons' candy-striped Dolfin shorts

I went to the gym. Now, before you look down your nose at me and wonder how I could compare something "so trivial" as gym attendence to the aforementioned Dolfin shorts, please understand that I hate going to the gym alone. I am nearly fearful of going alone. I'm convinced I will either get jumped in the parking lot or laughed at on the treadmill. (And I'm not always sure which would be worse.)

Neither happened.

I did it. 30 minutes of working out broke a good sweat and I am home to forever relive the experience in my heart. I really need to make a habit of this.

Did you know Richard Simmons considered becoming a priest?

Here's to the next 386,
(healthy) Fat Girl

London Bridges

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So the thing I've been most afraid of lately is the first time I will "fall down" on this new road to health. Well. I don't need to be fearful any more. It happened last night. Totally fell off my plan, face-first into a bowl of dessert.

I won't list out my torturous demise. There would be no point. But at least it's behind me. I actually feel good about that.

I know that I will mess up. And, more importantly, I now know that I will be just fine.

Today is a new day. I had a good first week. I'm putting this behind me. There is still plenty of time to keep moving forward.

Here's to the next 386,
(honest) Fat Girl

Guys and Dolls

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I love Free Friday. I also love that my friend keeps all of these at her desk at work.

Here's to the next 387,
(happy) Fat Girl

Something Good This Way Comes

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Today is Free Friday! Yay! So today I am going to post random pieces from my life. Like my tear-off calendar page from this morning:

"To try to change outward attitudes and behaviors does very little good in the long run if we fail to examine the basic paradigms from which those attitudes and behaviors flow."

Here's to the next 387,
(honest) Fat Girl

P.S. I've already declined the French toast shoved under my nose this morning, avoided the doughnuts in the kitchen at work, and turned down the lovely piece of pumpkin bread offered to me by a co-worker. Why do Fridays equal food???!

For Once in My Life

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Yet another epiphany in this weight loss journey.

This afternoon I needed lunch delivered quickly so I could get back to work. I've got a lot going on, yada yada yada. So I picked up a taco salad--perfectly legitimate on my diet--except for that mind-blowing taco shell that's full of everything I need to stay away from.

I got back to my desk, ate the salad contents, and stared down at the empty flour shell with longing in my eyes. I'm stressed. I'm hungry. Stuffing myself full of carbs would have been a great treat. And then I realized something.

There was no way I would ever NOT want to eat the shell. I could tell myself about the carb content. I could warn myself that if I ate it, I would most certainly gain on the scale tomorrow. I could hate myself for even considering it...

OR. I could realize that one of the tricks to this weight loss game is mind over matter. I've spent 20+ years waiting to not want the taco shell. Maybe I'll always want it. But maybe I'll learn that I don't have to eat everything I want/crave/like/"need."

Here's to the next 388,
(healthy) Fat Girl

Georgia on My Mind

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Okay. So today is the first installment of Thought Thursday, and I have something on my mind:

Yesterday I was thinking about the way we learn. Learning to walk, for instance, generally comes with an arm to hold on to. Learning to ride a bike occurs after the critical training-wheels period. Growing strong happens with the gradual addition of weight during strength training--not the overnight increase of dumbells or sand.

But losing weight is just supposed to happen. It's a hit or miss. It's an all or nothing.

Sure, there are books and recipes and support groups--I am aware of all that--but the actual losing weight is all or nothing. i.e. A day is considered a failure after one wrong choice or pound gained. (Scratch that. Failure is a pound maintained.)

Here is the method I am proposing:

I will learn to lose weight by gradually adding restrictions and raising the bar on my goals.

Goal 1: to make good decisions for one full day.
Goal 2: to make good decisions for two full days.
Goal 3: to make good decisions for three full days.
And so on.

When I hit the bump in the road, it's back to one full day. With celebrations to follow each new goal achieved. It's my version of strength training.

Why not?

Here's to the next 388,
(honest) Fat Girl

Come Rain or Come Shine

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So last night as I was tossing and turning in bed trying to sleep, I had a blogging brainstorm. It goes like this:

Magazine Monday: when I will *finally* get to share the treasures I've found in my reading
To-do List Tuesday: when I will add to the growing list of things I plan to do when I'm thin
Weigh-in Wednesday: when I will obsess about my weight, (thankfully, it's one day, right?)
Thought Thursday: when I will write a monologue that makes Jay Leno cry
Free Friday: when I I want, I guess

And then on the weekends, I'll wrap it all up, I guess.

Here's to the next 389,
(happy) Fat Girl

Among My Souvenirs

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"Starting small can lead to some really big things," (Oprah, page 43)
Here's to the next 390,
(hopeful) Fat Girl

...A Few of My Favorite Things

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I really wanted the chips and salsa tonight. No, I mean I REALLY wanted the chips and salsa. But I kept saying to myself, "You can have some in 390 days. You can have some in 390 days..." And I didn't indulge. We'll see how long I can keep up this momentum.


There are two things I feel I should disclose from the beginning of this blog. This is my effort at being transparent:

1. I am a magazine junkie. Which, I suppose, explains why I am an editor for a parent company that owns 23 subscription titles and more than 150 newsstand titles--with a combined circulation of nearly 30 million. (Impressed? I am.)

2. I am an Oprah junkie. Which, you should know, means there will be great pomp and circumstance when a new Oprah magazine hits the stands.

So oh well about the chips and salsa. I hold in my hand the October issue of Oprah. Ahhhh.

Here's to the next 390,
(happy) Fat Girl

Say It Ain't So

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“No diet will remove all the fat from your body because the brain is entirely fat. Without a brain, you might look good, but all you could do is run for public office.” -- George Bernard Shaw

Here's to the next 390,
Fat Girl

Toot Sweets

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So. Today's "the first big day of the rest of my life," and my boss sends out an e-mail this morning letting us know that he is treating all of us to the candy store this afternoon. "Has he ever done this before?" you ask. NO!

[Clearing my throat and raising my voice a few strategic octaves]

"Doc Sweets’, Michigan's largest retail candy store, is a gigantic candy wonderland with 5,000 square feet of candy and over 3,000 different candy items! Doc Sweets’ has something for everyone: from Abba Zaba to Wonka Bars, Zagnuts to Zotz, New or Old, Sugar Free or Super Sour, by the Pound or by the Piece, Doc Sweets’ will satisfy all of your candy needs. Doc Sweets’ also has a large selection of Nostalgic Candy items, everything from the early 1900’s through today, including Candy Covered and Chocolate Coated Insects!"

I am sitting here, drinking my water.

Here's to the next 391,
(healthy) Fat Girl

Hope Springs Eternal

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I have never been healthy. Not really. I have almost been healthy. I have been healthier than I am right now. But I have never looked in the mirror and known that I was at my peak condition--the best I could be. And now, I am nearing 30 years old.

Well, I will be 30 in 391 days, to be exact.

I refuse to turn 30 in the shape I am right now. When I was a teenager, I always said I would get fit before high school graduation. When I was in college, I said I would get fit before my wedding day. And guessed it. I want to get fit before I turn 30.

So I plan to blog every day for the next 391 days. The ups and downs--for better or worse. Maybe I'll get to the end of the blog and be the same person I am today, but I hope not.

Cynics, quit reading right now. I'm sure everything about this project screams, "Not likely!" Impossible to blog every day. Impossible to lose something in the neighborhood of 100 pounds.

But I'll never know if I never try.

Here's to the next 391,
(hopeful) Fat Girl